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Braid-Hawk Tutorial

Looking for a new braid style to get you through the summer? Need something to keep you stylish while having fun at festivals? This tutorial will give you a great step by step guide to creating a fun braid-hawk. Step 1. Start with hair that is midlength and slightly wavy

Step 2 Divide the hair into four sections—one section on each side, a Mohawk section and a section in the back.

Step 3 Release the Mohawk and back sections, and heavily backcomb all of the hair.

Step 4

Add texture to the hair with a spray, like Avedas control force working it in.

Step 5 Begin at the hairline, and create a French braid down the back of the head. Braid loosely to maintain volume.

Step 6 Roll the braid up and under, and hide the ends by tucking them away. Secure with bobby pins.

Step 7 Gently pull at sections of the braid for a messy effect. Add more spray if more texture if desired.

Step 8 Create a standard, three-strand braid on the first side section. Wrap braid low and tight around back of the head. Secure with bobby pins at back.

Step 9 Do the above step for other front piece. Join the ends of the braids and spray with a hairspray to finish the look.

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