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Calories don’t count when it’s Christmas time, so of course we wanted to have some extra tasty treats to get us through this weather! As a team we decided the best way to give back to our clients would be to fill you full of chocolate and other sweet treats.

Edited Image 2014-12-2-17:3:32

Believe us it takes a lot of effort not to eat every single one of these. We keep telling ourselves that they’re for the clients….we would be lying if we said we didn’t sneak a few. What better way to have a coffee then having the most amazing gingerbread biscotti dipped in butterscotch and white chocolate. Yes please.

Edited Image 2014-12-2-16:56:40

Not to mention the rum balls which have quite the kick. Make sure you don’t eat and drive!

Edited Image 2014-12-2-16:57:18

Chocolate anything makes most people happy, let alone two kinds of Christmas bark that will rock your socks off. It did ours.

Edited Image 2014-12-2-16:58:21

There are so many more delicious things waiting for you here at the salon, we wouldn’t want to tease you too badly! Just remember Calories don’t count at Christmas time!

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