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Stayhome Root Colour Kit

Available Fridays 10:30-12pm

Repeat Kit $55.00+tax

Full Kit $69.95+tax

Keep your pesky roots in check with our Stayhome Colour Kit. Formulated using your custom Aveda colour formula, packaged with care by Manon and Genevieve. Each kit comes with special samples to keep your colour looking vibrant and your hair healthy.

Add products to an order and pick it up all together. 

Available during Ontario Shutdown for existing colour clients only. 


Stayhome Facial Kit

Available Fridays 10:30-12pm

Facial Kit $60.00+tax

Spoil yourself in the comfort of your home and indulge in a dual exfoliation facial. Rejuvenate and revive dull or dry feeling skin. Watch your skin glow after you've cleansed, polished and moisturized with Aveda skincare.

Do you have sensitive, dry skin or rosacea? Tell us know when you place your order so we can customize your kit ingredients.

Different serums, moisturizers and masque offer unique benefits that depend on your skin type. Your facial kit should be suited to you and we'll ensure every product compliment your skin.

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AVEDA Products

Available Fridays 10:30-12pm

Stock up on your Aveda essentials and support a small local business. Euphoria carries all lines by Aveda - if we don't have it on our shelf, we'll order it for you. Skip the shipping costs and choose to support a business in your community.


If you have any questions about what products we have in stock or what products we recommend for your hair or skin - please send us an email or inquiry in the box below. One of our professionals will give you expert advice.


Stayhome Colour Fun Kit

Available Fridays 10:30-12pm

Colour Fun Kit $69.95+tax

Just in time for mother's day and some springtime fun in the sun. Add an accent piece of colour to your hair. Choose where you want a pop of colour and apply!

Includes colour for up to 2 accents (one accent for two heads or two accents for one head)

Perfect family activity, safe for all hair types. Semi permanent so it isn't forever, lasts up to 8 washes.

Add products to an order and pick it up all together. 

Best suited for natural hair colour light brown, blonde, light blonde or pre-lightened hair. 

Brown or dark brown hair may not show the colour but instead will see a tint/shine/hue of the colour on the hair.

Need help with your order? Looking for product recommendations?

Send us a message below if you have any questions or concerns. 

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