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Order Stayhome Colour Fun Kit $69.95+tax 

Pick-up Only

NOTE: You will receive all the necessary instructions and information in an email after submitting order.





Order Details

  1. Kit contains Vibrant colour for up to x2 application to hair piece of 2"x 2"

  2. Colour is ammonia FREE, no harsh chemicals

  3. Hair colour must be light brown to light blonde for best results. Darker hair colour will result in hair tint or shine of chosen colour.

Vibrant Colour Choice

Add multiple kits to order. Select colour for up to three kits.

  1. For One Colour Kit $69.95+tax 

  2. Add-on Second Colour Kit for additional $49.95+tax

  3. Add-on Third Colour Kit for additional $39.95+tax

Please review before completing order.

Payment Details

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Add Products or Special Request 

Every kit ordered, as well as additional kits, is packaged with:

  • Vibrant Colour (short hair- two 2"x2" hair sections/ long hair- one 2"x2" section)

  • Application Brush

  • Written Instructions

  • Gloves

  • Professional Colour Conserve Protective Conditioner

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Add Hair Masque ($15+tax)

Add Clarifying Shampoo ($5+tax)

Recommended for longer lasting vibrant colour results.

Colour Fun Colour Examples
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