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Each of us is a canvas onto which we paint our inner selves. Personality and flare define our individual tone and style. Identity is an ever-shifting aspect of ourselves that can be constantly refreshed. With a talented eye and masterful skill, a true stylist can help you find the reflection you’re looking for.

Our Story

Euphoria has been a staple of the vibrant Wellington West community for over 15 years, and has recently upsized its location thanks to growing local business.

We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction, our familial salon atmosphere, and experienced staff. Euphoria is thrilled to be partnered with Aveda, a company that has pioneered holistic beauty by using all-natural, ethically sourced ingredients in their products. We at Euphoria value environmental sustainability and responsibility to our Earth, which is why we choose Aveda: it’s gentler for clients, stylists, and the planet.

Our Mission

Here at Euphoria, stylists collaborate with you to bring your vision to life!

Euphoria Salon strives to constantly exceed expectations in every way: our goal is for every client to leave our salon looking and feeling like the best version of themselves. To accomplish this, we believe that the consultation is key. The Euphoria team works to understand your lifestyle, personal taste and comfort level in order to personalize the perfect hairstyle for you, and the look evolves from there! We prioritize mutual understanding and a trusting relationship between client and stylist, and maintain our salon with attentiveness and integrity.

If it's your first time visiting Euphoria, find us at 1195 Wellington St W.

We are on the corner of Hamilton and Wellington with a small parking lot to the side of our building

(between Euphoria and World of Maps)

There is parking for 90min along Wellington or 2h and pay parking spaces along Hamilton

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