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Boujee Lashes by Selena May

Hi, my name is Selena!

     I'm a certified Eyelash Technician and the owner of Boujee Lashes. 


     My focus is to match every client with the right lash set and style to enhance their natural look and make them feel their best. I am consistently taking initiative to expand my professional knowledge and techniques. I am always open towards new opportunities as well as current trends and new techniques.


Price List

     Classic Lashes are the most natural look possible. Individual faux mink lashes are applied

to each natural lash, creating a look that enhances natural lashes and resembles mascara.

                            Classic: 90$    1.3 hrs
                            Classic Fill: 40$ ( 2-3 weeks, 40% of lashes remaining)

                            Touch Up: 25$ (1-2 weeks, **Not a refill**)

     Hybrid Lashes are a full natural look. A mixture of classic and volume lashes are applied to the lashes. This is what I recommend when the desired look is natural but more noticeable than a classic lashes.
                            Hybrid: 110$     1.35hrs
                            Hybrid fill : 50$( 2-3 weeks, 40% of lashes remaining)
                            Touch Up: 35$(1-2 weeks, **Not a refill**)

     Volume Lashes are suitable for a client that wants a full, fluffy look. I apply 3-10 faux mink lashes to each individual lash giving their lashes a full lash line.

                            Volume: 130$      1.45hrs

                            Volume fill: 60$( 2-3 weeks, 40% of lashes remaining)
                            Touch up: 45$(1-2 weeks, **Not a refill**)


     Mega Volume Lashes are the most dramatic look achievable. I apply 6-15 faux mink lashes to each individual lash giving a very dense, dark lash look. This set is not recommended to anyone with naturally fine lashes.

                            Mega Volume: 150$  2hrs
                            Mega fill: 70$ ( 2-3 weeks, 40% of lashes remaining)
                            Touch up: 55$(1-2 weeks, **Not a refill**)

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