In-Salon Protocols

Euphoria Salon and Spa has updated our service function and would like all our guests to read the following information carefully:


As of March 16th, 2020 – Ottawa public health has advised against any non-essential trips in public as well as voluntary self quarantine if you have been out of the country. However, Euphoria will remain open until further notice.


Any appointments that have been booked will remain as is. We will be reaching out today (Monday March 16th, 2020) to all our guests that have appointments booked during the next two weeks to give them detailed sanitation protocol for their upcoming visit.


It is advised that anyone with a compromised immune system to avoid all public interactions, if this applies to you we urge you to take this VERY seriously.


We will be limiting the number of guests we have in salon during the day. As well, we would like to ask that for appointments you do not bring anyone with you (children, friends, spouses).


Some details we would like to share with the public include:

  • There will be no hand contact at all (elbow taps if necessary)

  • All guests will have their hands sanitized upon entry

  • Products will be handled by staff only

    • Please call ahead if you would like to stop to pick up product, we will have it ready at the front for you.

  • We will not be serving any beverages (water, coffee or tea)

    • PLEASE BRING BEVERAGES if you would like anything to drink during your appointment

    • There is a drug store across the street if you would like to pick up a beverage before your appointment

  • If you have been outside the country within the last 5days, please self-isolate and reschedule your appointment for 2weeks from your return date.

  • Our restroom will be closely monitored and will be fully disinfected after every use.

  • We would like to encourage guests to call in advance for any product purchases as we have restricted product handling to staff only.


Euphoria Salon and Spa Protocols



  • Upon entry to the salon we will sanitize your hands.

  • After use of restroom facilities we will sanitize your hands. We will also complete a full sanitation of the entire restroom including: all surfaces of toilet, sink/faucet, soap dispenser and door handles. (management monitored)

  • No testers available for testing makeup, hair care or skin care.

  • No capes will be used on guests. We will be using gowns and towels to protect client from cut hair and colour.

  • Staff stations and all equipment will be sanitized between each client as well as anything that has come into contact with the guest.

  • Staff will wash their hands between every guests and as well as after any need to help with reception.

  • using disinfectants approved by the CDC to sanitize doorknobs, computers, chairs, debit machines and all surfaces every ½ hour

  • hand-washing immediately before and after working on a client



  • Staff is separated by 3m, we will be operating on both floors.

  • No additional guests will be permitted during appointments. (ex: children, spouses, friends) Please advise for drop off/ pick up that they wait in their car for you to finish.

  • Limiting number of people in the salon at one time.

  • Guests will be asked if they have traveled recently, and if they have any flu-like symptoms



  • No complimentary beverages will be available (water, tea or coffee). Please bring your drink of choice in your own container. There is a drugstore and coffee shop within proximity of the salon for you to get something before your services.

  • No handling of retail products – staff will assist in handling any product purchases.

  • Bring indoor shoes with you during any wet (rain or snow) weather.

  • Removed magazines from everywhere.



  • We will be modifying our hours of operation.

  • Regularly opening windows as well as operating our secondary air ventilation system to maintain air circulation.

  • For any reason you are not well, please call to reschedule your appointment.

  • We will have a running cancellation list in case you are unable to book during your preferred time.