Mike Fulga
Owner, Senior Stylist
sp. fine and curly hair

Mike has been the co-owner of Euphoria Salon for over 15 years, when it opened at the Wellington and Fairmont location. Since then, the salon has undergone numerous changes, but one thing has always stayed the same: Euphoria’s commitment to the client and their satisfaction. Mike has numerous years of styling experience under his belt: he has trained under talented houses like Vidal Sassoon, Sebastien Intl., Tony & Guy, Paul Mitchell and Rusk. While doing platform work at hair shows, Mike met Manon and together, they launched the enterprise that is Euphoria.

Genevieve Felice-Adolph

After studying architectural technology Genevieve's need for artistic expression remained unadorned spurring her decision to pursue her age long passion for hair. She combines her artistic development with her technical skills producing work to be appreciated. An excellent communicator she is able to vision and collaborate well with her guests to arrive at the desired results. She loves to focus on education, growth, and teamwork. She continues to refine her colouring having spent considerable time in balayage techniques and cutting techniques while bringing her own styling knowledge to the team. You'll find her very involved in coaching clients and other stylists on how to handle tools, and style hair!

Manon Lyrette
Owner, Manager, Senior Colourist
sp. bold colours, experimental styles

Manon is the co-owner and manager and one of the founders of Euphoria. She studied hair in Gatineau at ACDA, and went on to manage such prestigious salons as Elizabeth Arden and Les Ailes de la Mode, where she met Mike. Highly skilled, she manages and educates in the colour department at Euphoria. Manon thrives on creativity, and this is where her colours and styles shine. She says, “I see things in colour first, then lines.” Manon values the two-way relationship she shares with her clients, and figures she learns as much from them as they do from her!

Mina Ghobril
Senior Stylist

Mina is one of the most experienced stylists at Euphoria salon, and excels in a variety of fields. She began styling hair in 1978, inspiring her son Mike to follow in her footsteps. Born in Greece, Mina eventually moved to England to study hair at the house of Vidal Sassoon, and later to Canada, where she settled at Euphoria. She enjoys the salon’s camaraderie and the team’s close-knit relationships. Why does Mina style hair? “Because I love it,” she says. “Everything and anything to do with hair.”

Vicki Vega


Khushi Brar